What is IBCN?

The behavioral healthcare industry is under more scrutiny than ever before. Insurance companies, who are deeply concerned about compliance and ethics in care, are utilizing medical record reviews, various other forms of audits, and special investigation units (SIUs) to evaluate providers. Infinity Behavioral Client Network or IBCN, is a clinically-integrated network of providers who agree to be held to higher standards of compliance and accountability in order to attain favorable contractual relationships with various payers. The IBCN quality assurance programs focus on critical risk management areas of provider operations to increase transparency and accountability to payers regarding the care provided to patients and the policies and procedures of providers that regulate that care.

Supplementary Network Services:

The IBCN network already encompasses several major third party provider networks giving you access to favorable repricing arrangements.

Quality Assurance Partners:

The IBCN QA program has been negotiated with leading compliance organizations in the industry and is offered at significant discount off of standard rates because of the reach of the network. The program has three critical components that fulfill three distinct, but critical, areas of provider compliance: compliance policies and procedures, patient care quality and feedback, and aftercare and discharge planning.
  • Behavioral Health Association of Providers (BHAP) IBCN Audit Tool – We’ve worked closely with BHAP to create the IBCN certificate, which provides an annual audit of the providers’ operations. These audits are reported back to payers, notifying them that the provider is in compliance with all appropriate standards. BHAP
  • Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) uSPEQ Patient Survey Tool  – Working with CARF, IBCN has created a customized patient satisfaction survey tool. Providers that offer these surveys at the end of treatment will be able to directly gauge the patients’ perception of treatment on a number of dimensions, and benchmark patient responses across the IBCN network and the national CARF community. CARF
  • Triggr Health – Triggr Health is a unique machine-learning based discharge and aftercare sobriety management tool. Patients that gain access to this app will be able to create a personalized plan that can help guide people through recovery post-discharge, significantly lowering the likelihood of relapse. Triggr Health 

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