3 Benefits to Outsourcing your Behavioral Health Billing

The ultimate goal of a behavioral health center is to provide effective treatment that helps patients recover. There’s so much that that goes into making that happen, from finding a bed to providing treatment and other related services. At the same time as these organizations focus on patient treatment, they need to have a significant

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Is Your Treatment Center Being Paid Effectively? How To Ensure Clean Claims

Revenue cycle management is critical to operations in any healthcare business. Payment resulting from clean claim submission facilitates optimum collection windows while reducing denials and refund requests from commercial payers. Treatment centers with internal billing departments often struggle with inherent staffing shortfalls, technology transitions and human error, which can severely impact clean claim rates. Contrary

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Are You Getting Everything You Need From Your Billing Company?

Your addiction treatment facility’s billing provider handles one of the most important aspects of your operations—revenue cycle management. This function is critical to your entity’s survival. With so much in the hands of your billing company, are you sure you are using the right one? To determine if your billing and collections are appropriately managed

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