October 11, 2016
3 Ways Outsourced Billing Benefits Your Addiction Treatment Center’s Patients

3 Ways Outsourced Billing Benefits Your Addiction Treatment Center’s Patients

Ask five behavioral health center directors what keeps them up at night, and you’ll get five pretty similar answers:  their continued ability to provide effective treatment to their patients and to keep their facility running smoothly. They want to concentrate on returning their clients to society sober, healthy and focused on staying that way. They don’t want to have to think too much about anything else, which is where outsourced billing comes into play.

How can you and your staff provide the care your clients need, if you’re spending an inordinate amount of time on the administrative side of the business, i.e. making sure you’re collecting the right patient information, billing correctly, tracking responses and receiving payments appropriately?

Addiction treatment comes with a lot of stress for all involved. Your staff is trying to treat your clients in the best way possible, those clients are trying actively to get healthy and everyone is trying to figure out how they’re going to pay for it all. The anxiety increases every time the client or their family receive an insurance company denial in the mail. Often, they call your staff when that happens, taking away time from treatment or your staff’s ability to simply engage and talk to the client for a few minutes.

In an earlier post, we discussed how outsourced billing can benefit you.  But, have you thought about how outsourcing to the right provider can benefit your clients and could actually make their treatment go a little easier?

Outsourced billing offers many benefits to your clients, including the following:

Using their benefits to their fullest extent

  • Fully access deductibles and any co-insurance information;
  • Make use of a thorough utilization management process; and
  • Have billing and collection expertise at your disposal at all times.

 Access to staff that know what they’re talking about

Addiction treatment billing is confusing and complicated, and the rules and regulations are always changing. If it’s confusing to you and your staff, think about how overwhelming it might be to your clients and their families.

The outsourced behavioral health billing experts don’t get frazzled by all of the paperwork and regulations and repeated changes to it all. They stay up-to-date on the latest regulations, and they understand the requirements and how they differ between insurance companies and states.  By carefully selecting a proven revenue cycle management partner, you and your staff will be better prepared to answer financial questions from patients and their families, removing a significant amount of stress from the patient during and after his or her treatment.

And, because the experts are using processes that they know work well, they work better, faster and more efficiently than your staff can. And they can do it with less errors, which often mean less denials, improving the picture for everyone involved.

In the end, outsourced billing is just better for your patients.

When you handle your billing in-house, it’s a balancing act, right? You’re balancing the treatment of your clients with the billing administration that can keep you from providing a high level of care. You shouldn’t have to choose.

When you outsource, your staff no longer has to decide between talking to the person in front of them and answering the phone to talk to an insurance company. Your staff has more time to focus on treatment, and clients and their families can focus calmly on getting better. INFINITY Behavioral Health can help you determine if outsourcing your behavioral health billing is the right step for your addiction treatment center. Contact us at 866-677-5264 for additional information.

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