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At SimiTree Behavioral Health, we understand how important it is for providers to focus on helping their clients. A healthy business is critical in maintaining that focus. As a leading revenue cycle management company, behavioral healthcare is what we know best. We work with our clients to implement sustainable practices that will reduce denials and maximize revenue, enabling them to focus on caring for their patients.

Being clinician owned and operated with a core team that shares many years of experience in direct patient care, our innovative and customer-centric approach comes from a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities that providers face every day. That empathy guides the delivery of all our services, including verification of benefits (VOB), utilization management, claims submission, denial management/appeals, A/R follow-up, low-pay recovery, SIU/audit defense, credentialing and various consultation services. We help our clients with the partnership, information, and tools to make better business decisions.


We provide solutions based on a deep-rooted understanding of the business of behavioral healthcare, and it’s revenue cycle. Each year we help to process billions of dollars in behavioral health claims; this requires experience, strong relationships, and insight into payer behavior, insurance negotiations, and the specific needs of our clients. Our clinical background affords us keen visibility into behavioral health revenue cycle issues. Our robust business intelligence systems position us to help providers navigate the fragmentation of the healthcare system. Our proven track record is evident in doubled margins, over 125% increases in collection rates, 33% reductions in the age of accounts receivable, or 30% increases in treatment time for patients. However, we consider our most significant impact to be what those numbers mean for our clients and their patients, the access to care, and the successful outcomes they create.


    We're a clinician-owned company with coast-to-coast business intelligence.


    Our numbers don't lie. When we say we can double your margins, we mean it.


    We partner with you to develop the best billing and operation solutions for your business.

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