Patient Payment Solutions

    WITH SimiTree Behavioral Health

Did You Know?

Cost and lack of insurance are the primary obstacles cited by Americans who say they need care but are unable to receive treatment. With more patients in treatment, it’s imperative providers improve the patient payment experience for increased patient satisfaction and reduced delays in care.

SimiTree Behavioral Health offers ways to ease the patient burden by providing a simple and affordable way for clients to pay their medical bills. With SimiTree's digital collection platform, you can offer your patients variable payment options and your practice gains the following benefits:

  • Increased collections receivables. You’ll be offering patients a complete payment solution that simplifies financing with a transparent and patient-friendly process.
  • Audit Trail and Insurance Compliance. You’ll have a time-stamped audit trail to show collection efforts ensuring compliance.
  • Fast payments. You’ll receive funds within 48 hours after the patient’s first payment.

SimiTree’s patient collections process streamlines the patient financial experience and makes care accessible for all patients. Your clients can focus on their health and not on their finances.

Find out how you can accelerate your patient accounts receivables while tapping into uncaptured revenue. Use the form below and begin the conversation.

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